Since 2003, UniStyle Footwear Inc. has been manufacturing fashionable orthopedic footwear. Our brand of sandals and shoes, UniStyle, are made with real leather and quality German footbeds for our customers to walk comfortably in. Every pair is handcrafted in Ontario by Canadian workers. Applying the most suitable materials and years of expertise resulted in a masterpiece. Fine Canadian footwear, making every step feel more pleasant than the last.

Our goal at UniStyle Footwear Inc. is to provide our customers with comfortable and anatomically correct footwear that will help them to achieve a long term healthy lifestyle. Many people don't know this but there is a correct way to walk. Humans experience certain pain all because they walk irregularly during the day. Slouching, dragging their feet, different human habits cause different problems to the human body. We help by manufacturing footwear to aid with proper human posture, and avoid bad habits.


    • Orthopedic Shoes
    • Comfort Shoes
    • Custom Made Shoes